In honor of National Super Hero Day we are tipping our hats (and blown-out hair!) to Lynda Carter a.k.a Wonder Woman, whose iconic role inspired little girls everywhere to be nothing short of badass. And, even though her superhero days are gone, her character is set to have her very own movie come 2017. (Word is Carter is super interested in being involved with the upcoming film.)

Here four reasons we’re celebrating the living legend:


She was “Wonder Woman”

While she was only on for three seasons, her imprint on superhero culture was so great that until this day her character remains a positive feminist symbol. Author and activist Gloria Steinem once wrote of her in Ms. Magazine, “Wonder Woman was the only female superhero, so she was irresistible. She was literally the only game in town, the only hero that made you feel good about yourself.”


She is in touch with her ethnicity

The Arizona native not only identifies as Latina but is super proud of her Mexican heritage. She was born Linda Jean Córdova Carter. Her mother, Juana Córdova, is from Chihuahua, Mexico. As the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, she has expressed support for immigration reform and has even spoken out against Arizona’s SB 1070 – the anti-immigrant law allowing police to check the immigration status of people they believe are in the country illegally.


She advocates for worthy causes

The outspoken Carter works to raise awareness on current causes like a woman’s right to choose and is a vocal supporter of equal rights for the LGBT community. If you have ever been to a pride parade, you might have seen her waving her flag as the Super Grand Marshall!


She goes after her dreams

We bet you didn’t know she could sing! Well, she can and has been doing since she was five-years-old. She’s released three record albums and has appeared on stage with Ray Charles, Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Bob Hope, George Benson, and Ben Vereen.