I remember when Will Smith first burst on to the scene on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He was too cool — funny, a good dresser (up for debate, but whatevs, I thought he was fly), plus he could dance AND rap. It was basically like the ultimate combination any preteen girl in the '90s was looking for.

It was nearly impossible not to bear witness to his meteoric rise to fame, and little by little I began to pick up on something: Will Smith was kind of, sort of Latino, or maybe he just really wanted to be? I thought his seminal classic "Miami" was the height of his Latino-ness, but no, he went ahead and one-upped himself by recording a remix with Bomba Estéreo of their single "Fiesta," which he will now be performing with them at this week's Latin Grammys!

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It's a win-win situation for both parties involved. Bomba Estéreo, a Colombian group that richly deserves tons of recognition, is getting a huge boost from Will Smith's gigantic international stardom. Smith gets to look cool, hip, and in the know with all the young Latino hipsters before he drops his new album. It's an awkward match made in heaven. Smith himself shared the story of how this epic collaboration (his first appearance on a song in 10 YEARS!) in the behind-the-scenes video below:

“I was in Colombia, in Ibagué, with Marc Anthony, and he was listening to ‘Fuego’ [another Bomba track],” Smith says in the video. “And I said, ‘That song is crazy!’ And almost completely unrelated, my manager, Miguel, is friends with people in [Sony Music Latin, Bomba’s label], and he showed me this song, ‘Fiesta.’ And I said, ‘That is crazy, I need to be on that.'”

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Watch the video for the "Fiesta" remix below and then take a look at Will Smith's gradual transformation from Fresh Prince to Latin papi.

Behind the Scenes of the Will Smith Bomba Estereo "Fiesta" Remix


He speaks Spanish better than your cousins

I mean, come on! Who knew he could speak Spanish? He travels with a Spanish teacher for Chrissake. How awesome is that?


He's an awesome dancer

He can shake it with the best of us, can he not?!


He considers Miami a second home

Is there any city in the USA that reps Latinos harder than Miami? I do not think so. Also, if you look really hard, you will see a young Eva Mendes shaking her groove thing in the video! Which leads us to our next point . . .


He loves him some Latina costars

Smith has acted alongside a long list of awesome Latina leading ladies, from Mendes to Salma Hayek.


He's BFF with Marc Anthony and they both LOVE Colombia


He can be a tad dramatic

Hey, he didn't get that reputation for no reason. Have you SEEN a Spanish telenovela lately? He could clearly star in one.


That Bomba Estereo "Fiesta" Remix

Once he performs with them tonight at the Latin Grammys, the transformation will be complete and Will Smith will officially be one of us!