William Levy is the hottest telenovela star on the planet — and he knows it.

Case in point: the Cuban actor's Instagram account, where he mercilessly taunts fans with his perfectly sculpted body and exquisite face that we want, but can never have.


His heart belongs to actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, but that doesn't stop him from posting endless thirst traps like this one.

He's ~staring into our souls~


This picture of him relaxing while he takes a soak in the bathtub is no accident!


Levy is well aware that a bedside selfie is the ultimate tease.

Don't let an innocent caption like, "Good morning from bed. Have a good week !!! Go out there and make something happen ;-) #behappy #workhard" fool you.


He captures himself at every angle...


...so that you can picture exactly what he would like if you were to share the same bed.


His serial use of the winking face emoji is all of the proof we need.


The fact that we can look but cannot touch is no excuse for Levy to be allowed to torture fans in this way.


This is just unfair.


Levy knows how to up the ante by having us sit across from him while enjoys a glass of fine wine...


Glancing over our way while he casually slays in first class...


And tell us that he's thinking of us in a shirtless postcard from paradise.


We're on to you, William Levy!

But please — never, ever change! We don't mind playing these internet games.