The social media queen is back! 

After her three-month social media hiatus, Selena Gomez posted her very first Instagram story with her Wizards of Waverly Place co-star, David Henrie.

Like real-life family, the TV siblings bickered when Henrie revealed that he was responsible for setting up the singer's Twitter account.


Of course, the social media queen was quick to point out Henrie was not responsible for her Instagram fame

“You didn’t make my Instagram, though,” Gomez clarified.

And in honor of the five-year anniversary of the beloved Disney Channel series finale, Gomez and Henrie shared their thoughts on what a reunion with the Russos would look like.

While Henrie imagined Justin Russo with 15 kids, the "Hands to Myself" singer believed that "Alex is for sure single."


Yup, you heard right! Looks like Alex and Mason are no longer a thing.


*dies a little inside*

Gomez couldn't help but laugh when Henrie predicted Alex as a single woman who "doesn't know which way is up in life."

Obviously, the singer was quick to disagree with her on-screen brother.  

"You know what," Gomez said. "She's killing the game; that's what she's doing."

The co-stars even dished on the life of little brother Max Russo. They joke about Jake T. Austin losing the family business, Waverly Sub Station, to sell sandwiches on the streets.

Looks like not winning the wizard competition took a toll on Max!

At the end of the story, Selena asks fans, "Should we do the reunion, guys? Should we just bring Wizards of Waverly Place back? I think we should."


Now that the singer is done with her Revival tour, a reunion of the popular sitcom doesn't seem so farfetched.

Watch the full story below:

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