March 31, 1995 is a day Selena Quintanilla fans will never forget. It was when the Queen of Tejano was tragically murdered at the Days Inn motel in Corpus Christi, Texas by a fan she let into her inner circle and once considered worthy of her trust: Yolanda Saldívar. 

Now, 22 years after the horrible incident, Saldívar has supposedly confessed that killing Quintanilla wasn't part of her original plot.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Saldívar told Univision that her plan was to stage a robbery gone wrong.

The purpose was to avoid both jail time and paying back the approximate $200,000 she had allegedly stolen during the time she managed Quintanilla's boutiques and was president of her fan club.

The plan backfired and Quintanilla ended up getting shot in the back, which resulted in her death.

Saldívar is serving a life sentence for the crime at the Mountain View prison in Gatersville, Texas.

She is currently suing the jail for $500,000 for pain, suffering, physical injuries, and emotional distress. The reason for the suit is a fall she sustained from her bunk bed that she considered too high for her in May 2015. Documents obtained by Univision state that she is accusing the prison staff of bad judgement, lack of concern, and engaging in "sadistic acts" against her, even though she follows all of the prison's rules.

Saldívar is eligible for parole in 2025.