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Zendaya is no stranger to hate, unfortunately. Like most celebs, her social media handles are flooded with rude comments and ridiculous claims — and they don't show signs of stopping, either. But Zendaya's not afraid to put haters in their place. We're not sure if her publicist loves her or is stressed 24/7, but you've gotta admire Zendaya for her non-sugar coated honesty. 

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The latest SMH moment thrown her way came from a troll, naturally. They went to the lengths of taking a screenshot of Zendaya's Snapchat, posting the picture to their Twitter with a caption that read, "She looks like a gay dude wearing makeup." Interestingly enough, they didn't tag Zendaya's Twitter handle — too scared, maybe? — but that didn't stop her from finding the tweet and letting them have a piece of her mind. She clapped back in the most flawless manner possible, and her fans flocked to support her in epic ways, too. This isn't the first time — nor the last, we're sure — that she has shut. it. down. To see how she responded in this situation, and 10 others, keep on reading.

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When a troll said she "looks like a gay dude wearing makeup"

Not only did she call out how it wasn't an insult, but she also showed her support for the LGBT community. 


When a hater told her that she was "ugly as shit"

Let 'em know, Zendaya, let 'em know. 


When they attempted to insult her parents

::drops mic::


When someone thought that judging women for wearing or not wearing makeup was okay

They really should take up Zendaya on her offer.


When a Twitter user said they were scared to see Zendaya without makeup

Two claps to that! 


When Giuliana Rancic was disrespectful about Zendaya's Oscar hair

Never forget. 


When a magazine photoshopped her body

Her honesty about how this creates unrealistic ideals for women was spot on. 


When she was criticized for her wig at the BET Awards

You do you, boo. 


When people judge her body

Those hashtags give us life.


When she got tired of women pitting themselves against each other

Female empowerment, y'all. 


When she got even more drama about her hair

Please, mullet or no mullet you know I'm still gon be your WCW tomorrow????

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People weren't happy about her mullet at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, but she let them know that she'll still be their woman crush tomorrow — YAS.