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photo: iStock, Instagram

If you follow Zoë Kravitz on Instagram there's a good chance that at times you've wondered if she has a twin sister. Negative. That "twin" you've seen pop up a few times is actually Kravitz's mother, former The Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet. Bonet used to be married to rockstar and actor, Lenny Kravitz and together their incredible genes made Zoë. 

Though Bonet and Lenny divorced in 1993, Lenny considers his ex-wife his "best friend." From the looks of it, Zoë has a close relationship with both of her parents, who support her in her many professional ventures. She may have both of her parents support, but it's definitely her mom's looks that she inherited. At times it's hard (or damn near impossible) to tell these two apart. Here are nine times Zoë and her mom were basically the same person.

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