After enjoying a delicious meal with her sisters and their significant others, Zöe Saldaña did what so many of us would do: She posted a picture to her Instagram celebrating the occasion. 

But the photo posted on Tuesday (November 29) has received some unsettling backlash.

Many took issue with all three Saldaña sisters being coupled with white mates.

@catch you rock! Thank you for last night. #family

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Zöe and her hubby Marco Perego were joined by her younger sister, Cisely, and her boyfriend, Jared Lehr, as well as her older sister Mariel and her husband. 

It was suggested that the Puerto Rican and Dominican sisters were exhibiting "self hate" based on their romantic choices.

Since these Black women have found love with white men, commenters accused them of creating a "hybrid" race.

People could just not handle a family of biracial couples.

Fortunately, some commenters proved to be more openminded, and appreciated the photo for what it really showed: love.

photo: Instagram/@zoesaldana

Eventually younger sister Cisely chimed in, stating what we all know to be true.


For the Black pride of the Saldaña sisters to be thrown into question because they're in biracial relationships is absolutely absurd.

As the public figure in the family, Zöe has spoken on numerous occasions about embracing her Black identity and being a proud Black, Latina woman. To suggest that Zöe and her sisters are exhibiting some underlying hatred for themselves or the Black community based on whom they choose to love is ridiculous and infuriating. 

Like all cultures and ethnicities, Latinas who choose to date white men do so for a multitude of reasons; ones which don't require further explaining to critical outsiders. 

It is 2016 — we need to get used to the idea that people will date and marry who they want, and it's not up to them to explain their decision to anyone.