photo: Pinterest

For this week’s #LaCena, straight from Pinterest, we recommend an authentic Argentine meal that includes a cheese plate appetizer, a hearty steak with a savory sauce, a dulce de leche dessert, and a traditional tea. Take a look at some of these amazing recipes and get cooking!

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Appetizer: Manchego Cheese and Quince Paste

Argentines pair aged Manchego cheese with dulce de membrillo — also known as quince paste, a fruit flavored jam — to enjoy with wine. It is often called “El Martin Fierro” after a famous Argentine poem.


Entrée: Lomo Asado con Chimichurri Sauce

Because of its vast livestock, Argentina has a heavy beef diet. A simple, salt-seasoned beef tenderloin served with chimichurri sauce is a staple at the dinner table. Chimichurri sauce can be customized to taste, but it's most commonly made with parsley and garlic.


Dessert: Dulce de Leche Pionono

A light sponge cake rolled around a decadent dulce de leche and whipped cream filling, this Argentine dessert can be garnished with confectioners sugar and caramel icing drizzle.


Drink: Yerba Mate Tea

This social beverage is a huge part of Argentine culture and has been praised for its health benefits. It is an herbal tea brewed in a carved-out gourd and sipped with a silver straw called a bombilla.