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photo: Photo: Getty Images

Patrick Couderc, former Hervé Léger exec, shocked and offended many earlier this summer with his statements regarding who should and shouldn't wear the brand's beloved bandage dress. During his interview with the Daily Mail, Couderc claimed that the body-hugging dresses were not suitable for "voluptuous" women or anyone with "very prominent hips and very flat chest." The body-shaming comments sparked outrage among women tired of men weighing in on what they can wear, but it appears that celebrities like, Beverly Johnson could care less what this man had to say.

The former supermodel attended the Hervé Léger show on Sept. 12 sporting a classic black bandage dress that stunned on her curvaceous body. "I'm a curvy woman, so I embrace it. I think that they make dresses for curvy women," she told The Cut after being asked about the anti-voluptuous statements. "Their fashions don't look great on stick-thin girls. You need the shape." 

The famous Hervé Léger bandage dress looks great on all women, and it definitely compliments curves. Some of the brand's biggest fans include hourglass-shaped ladies like Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez. If the spring 2016 collection is any indication, the bodycon dress isn't going anywhere. Here are nine dresses — straight off the runway — that work on every body shape, whether you have banging curves or a svelte frame.

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