Stripper turned "Love & Hip Hop" star turned rapper Cardi B stole our hearts with her commitment to keeping things all the way :100: in everything she does. The Dominican and Trinidadian entertainer from the Bronx is not ashamed of her past and keeps our Instagram lit, whether she's giving us advice or getting haters for body shaming her. 

The same attitude that got us hooked is the same one that Cardi applies to her wardrobe. She will wear whatever she wants against all odds, and you will love her for it.


Cardi may have an amazing sense of humor, but fashion is no joke to her.

She told Page Six, "Growing up in the Bronx I used to wear heels and my stomach out and people would make fun of me and talk about me but now that I have some type of clout and fame I can go to the strip club and I can wear s–t out of the ordinary and now they say, ‘Oh, that is just Cardi.’ But the invites are getting bigger and now I am wearing the pieces of these expensive designers."


There is no risk she won't take — even the most extreme neckline.

Traditional rules need not apply here.


But don't get it twisted, Cardi can give you décolletage for days one moment...


...and demure housewife the next.


A sweatsuit and heels at Fashion Week?! She did it like a boss!


No one can ever say she is being extra when she has the personality to match.


Two words — VERY RARE!


Cardi B knows that no outfit is too fancy for a Bronx girl staple — a pair of Timberland boots.


She will never do a schoolgirl look the "regular degular shmegular" way.

You know you read that in your Cardi B voice.


Cardi loves her labels — she could be a Gucci superhero...


... and designers like LaQuan Smith love her in all of her sheer glory...


... but you'll also find her mixing high and low with affordable brands like Instagram-favorite Fashion Nova.

"My shoes Balenciaga but my fit @fashionnova THOOO Duuuuhhhhhh," she wrote as her caption for this photo.


As Cardi has said herself, "Never go broke ballin' on a budget!"


What can't she pull off?


This is what fearless looks like.


Cardi is proof that confidence is the most important accessory of any fashion star.


You can never question her fabulousness.