Fashion lovers and hardcore Lovatics are already very familiar with Demi Lovato's glamorous "Future Now" tour wardrobe.

This stunning emerald green jumpsuit by fashion designer Michael Costello is one of the standout pieces.

It's ultra sparkly, and fits her like a second skin — while the wide leather belt gives her a futuristic, nipped in look.

But during a St. Louis performance, Lovato came out with a purple version of this costume. And it gave us more life than all of her other outfits combined.

The sparkle, strong shoulders, fitted bodice and flared legs of the jumpsuit, in Selena Quintanilla's favorite color...

Immediately took us back to Quintanilla's legendary concert at the Houston Astrodome in 1995.

photo: Giphy

How can we ever forget this iconic moment in pop culture history?!

photo: Giphy

Future Now Tour stylist Avo Yermagyan revealed that Lovato's tour outfits were custom-made to coordinate with tour mate Nick Jonas' black, blue, and green wardrobe provided by Dsquared2.

Yermagyan gave a full breakdown on Jonas' YouTube channel.

Yermagyan said that the "inspiration for the wardrobe for the tour was all about where Demi and Nick both are as performers now. They're both strong, sexy, and confident and we wanted to show that in the wardrobe."

The same can be said of Quintanilla's style and attitude on stage.

photo: Giphy

We are so here for Demi's purple moment. Anything that makes us reminisce about Quintanilla's timeless style!

We love it Demi!