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photo: Corbis

We learned that girls run the world (cue Beyoncé) at the Versace spring 2016 show in Milan. Donatella Versace herself shared that the collection was inspired and created for International Women’s Day. The global holiday, held on March 8th, celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

Versace made this message clear, opening the show with “Transition,” a multilingual cover of the original Underground Resistance techno track made by six female electronic producers and introducing it with the following statement:

“This song is dedicated to women everywhere, regardless of color, religion, sexuality or what sex they were born with. . . Make it happen.”

In the flurry of animal prints and sexy dresses, we saw flashes of the modern woman who makes it happen, and does so in style. Check out some of the spring looks below and how they reflect today's modern woman.

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