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photo: Daniela Vesco

In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent started a fashion revolution with the debut of  Le Smoking, the first tuxedo for women. The iconic tux is just one example of how menswear is constantly a source of inspiration for women’s fashion designers. I'm personally all for borrowing from the boys when it comes to my style, so when I was challenged to step up my menswear fashion game by literally wearing men’s clothing, I was game.

The wardrobe I would be raiding for my menswear week was my live-in boyfriend’s (and he was totally cool about sharing a closet for a week). I had a bit of an advantage — his slim 5’11” frame means he wears a size small for the most part. Figuring out the bottom half situation was a whole other story. In fact, I ended up wearing a single pair of jeans that semi-fit with the assistance of a belt on multiple occasions (don’t judge).

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My boyfriend’s roomy tees and baggy pants meant I was in a serious state of comfort all day long, and the perplexed looks I got from strangers and co-workers didn’t bother me one bit. However, I must admit that by the end of the week I was ready to go back to my closet. I missed wearing fun prints, curve-hugging jeans, and my trusty fit-and-flare dress that I could throw on when I was fashionably lazy or pressed for time. I won’t be ditching menswear-inspired clothing anytime soon, but I will stick to silhouettes that favor the female body. I know you’re probably curious to see the fashion I whipped up during my menswear week, so take a look below.