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photo: Instagram, @ddlovato

It may be winter, but the warmer-than-average temps in most places have been a blessing in disguise for people who wear glasses. They don't have to deal with the unavoidable glass-fogging and can walk around without snow smacking their lenses and turning them into a smudgy mess. While spec wearers are living it up, we've noticed that a lot of female celebs have been sporting the "four eyes" look lately — and no, there's nothing nerdy about them. Even though they might parade down the red carpet in their contacts, they've taken to social media to flaunt their sophisticated and edgy frames. So if you were thinking about ditching the frames for your holiday party or New Year's Eve shindig, think again. This accessory can completely change the vibe of your look and will keep your 20/20 vision on point. Here are eight celebs to prove it. 

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