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Get ready, guys! On Thursday, Kanye West will be presenting his Yeezy Season 3 collection, which will premiere both his latest fashion line AND his seventh studio album. But wait, this is Kanye we're talking about, so you know the story doesn't end there. The event, which will be held at Madison Square Garden, will also be streaming live at 4 p.m. ET via Tidal, and that includes for both members and non-members. West even posted about it on Twitter, sharing the deets and then told folks not to text or ask for him until Monday. Leave it to Kanye to get dramatic on social.

We have to hand it to him, though — revealing both a fashion collection and an album in one event is kind of a big deal. One could even say he's changing the fashion industry game for good. Regardless, his fans went IN on him for revealing it on Tidal. Check out the funniest reactions below. 

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No one likes you

Now that's just harsh.


Not feeling it

It looks like not everyone is a fan of Tidal.


Looking away

Oh, come on!




No one has Tidal

Okay, so apparently a lot of peeps aren't about Tidal.


People are confused

It's getting serious.


Get off Tidal

Maybe he should have considered dropping it somewhere other than Tidal?


At least some are excited

At least this dude's excited. 


Can't afford

We wonder if West anticipated this sort of reaction?


Free trial

Maybe give the free trial a shot?


Again with Tidal

But we hear ya.


Tidal rants continue

The rants just keep on going.


And on

Because apparently people don't want to pay for this thing.