Talk about upstaging: Kendall Jenner capped off sister Kylie's beachside birthday turn up with the biggest reveal of her modeling career.

Kenny has landed the most prestigious cover in the history of magazines: Vogue's September issue!!!

"In a room with a bunch of people I love, looking at this cover made me cry. I FUCKING DID IT. SEPTEMBER VOGUE. this is the coolest thing ever! can't thank you enough Anna, for giving me the honor," Jenner wrote.

American Vogue's September issue is the Holy Grail of covers. It even has its own documentary!

The September issue is the biggest Vogue issue of the year — literally, the 2012 issue weighed 4.5lbs. It's full of everything you need to know about Fall fashion, and because it has the most ad space, it brings in the most money. So if there's one issue that you want a Kardashian/Jenner on, this is it.

There aren't enough exclamation points to express what a BFD this is!

Kendall has covered a Vogue supplement before, but never the actual magazine itself.

And even big sister Kim Kardashian hasn't been on the cover of American Vogue solo.

Kimye Vogue cover
photo: Vogue

It's more major than any other cover Kendall has landed...

Any runway she has walked...

Kendall Jenner Chanel fashion show
photo: Splash

Any clothing line she's "designed"...

Any major beauty campaign she's been the face of...

Or any rumored fashion boyfriend she may or may not have.

Hi there, A$AP Rocky.

So obviously all of the Kardashian/Jenner ladies had to celebrate the reveal of the cover in front of Vogue's cameras.

Along with a special appearance from Kardashian kreator, Ryan Seacrest.

If the executive producer of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" emerged from his lab for a Vogue cameo, you know this is insane.

Cheers to Kendall!

How do you feel about Kendall on the kover of the Fashion Bible?