If there was one early 2000s trend we weren't sad to see go, it was walking around with the word "Juicy" slapped on our backsides. But the Juicy Couture tracksuits threatened to make a comeback when they walked the runway at the Vetements Spring 2017 Couture show in Paris. 

We held onto the hope that the trend would flatline on the runway before making its way to the real world again, but that dream is dead and it is all thanks to Kylie Jenner, because of course.

Jenner was spotted in the designer version of the iconic pants in New York City where she was reportedly filming a cameo in the upcoming "Ocean's Eight" movie with sisters Kim and Kendall.

The strategic placement of the reversible camouflage coat from the same line she styled her velvet number with could fool even the most trained eye as to the cheeky message that was lying beneath.

kylie jenner oceans eight
photo: Splash

But leave it to Jenner to go on Instagram and give you an over-the-shoulder pose that flaunted her curves and perfectly displayed the "Juicy" logo her coat was hiding on her high-waisted pants.

We're all about being proud of our bodies, but there is something about putting the word juicy on our butts in 2017 that feels so tacky and gross. It's the opposite of empowering in our books.

The young mogul is incredibly influential so it's only a matter of time before we see a flood of teens with "Juicy" plastered on their behinds once again.

The only hope we have that this will be a fleeting moment in style is the designer price tag that will price most people out.

kylie jenner juicy
photo: Splash

At $1,050 in the US, the Vetements style will be too rich for young blood — and we'll be forever thankful.