Kylie Jenner xtina halloween
photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

You can never fail when you go the nostalgic route for a costume party — and Kylie Jenner scored double the points with two winning looks this Halloween weekend.

First, Jenner transported us to the early 2000s with her spot-on Xtina-inspired look.

It was "Dirrty" down to the leather chaps and bottoms with an "x" for Xtina on the back...

Plus hair, makeup, piercings, and colored-contacts.

Even Christina Aguilera herself was impressed and gave Jenner's recreation a ringing endorsement.

"YAASSSSS".....Killin it @kyliejenner yes to dirrty 2016!! Get it girrrl!!!," Aguilera wrote on Instagram.

Jenner went above and beyond by even busting some 'Dirrty'-inspired moves for the 'gram.

What's the point of being in costume if you're not getting in character too?

But Aguilera wasn't the only Latina that Jenner borrowed looks from for her Halloween festivities.

Jenner also took a page from J.Lo's book the night before with the skull makeup and flower-embellished black dress combo...

Her makeup artist confirmed the inspiration with a caption on Instagram that said "Last nights Look I did on my boo @kyliejenner inspired By the look @alexfaction did on @jlo last year."

Lopez wore with her ex-boo Casper Smart, who also had some killer skull makeup of his own, last Halloween.

Tyga played Smart's part to get the skeletal former couple's look down to the T, and we have sooo many questions.

J.Lo and Casper recently split up — is it just me, or does it seem like bad luck to dress up as a couple that just ended things?

Is this supposed to be foreshadowing? Or their way of rooting for a J.Lo—Smart reunion?

The world may never know.