If your house bumped more Hermanos Rosario than Pink Floyd when you were growing up, I have amazing news. Dominican artist M. Tony Peralta has added some edge to classic '80s merengue bands, and created the line of concert tees you deserve.

From Johnny Ventura...

To Los Hermanos Rosario..

The "Merengue Rock" line of shirts speaks to the souls of all Dominicanos growing up in the States.

Who among us didn't wake up to their mom blasting these tunes?

"With this series I want to honor our icons and legends and make them cool and relevant in today's times," said the brand's founder.

"When I hear that music it makes me think of family, togetherness, immigrants arriving to this country and having each other's back. It was an innocent time when everything was new. A new life to make in Nuevo York with traces of the mother country through music," Peralta wrote on Instagram.

"I noticed the whole Rock band t-shirt trend and thought to myself how would the Peralta Project interpret that trend to my audience?" Peralta told Vivala.com.

"Then it hit me: legendary merengueros as rock stars."

"The first one I designed was Fernandito Villalona. Instead of doing a logo flip of a famous Rock Band, I created my own logo and sat on it for months until I finished the rest of the legends this fall," he said.

The reception of Peralta's genius move of giving merengueros the rock star treatment has been incredible.

"The only expectations I had was that people were going to flip out when they saw the collection because it’s something that has never been done before," Peralta said. And flip out they did. "That’s what I pride myself on doing. I think it’s the reason why people love The Peralta Project. I create products that do not exist for a large group people that are under-represented," he added.

According to Peralta, the Fernandito Villalona tee has been his best-seller, with Toño Rosario at a close second.

You can cop the T-shirts for $33 a piece here.

Which merenguero would you rep?

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