Rihanna button down
photo: Splash

Leave it to Rihanna to take a basic button down and use her otherworldly fashion powers to make it look like the most couture piece of clothing EVER.

It may not seem difficult to turn your boyfriend's shirt into a mini dress...

Rihanna collar
photo: Splash

But if you look closely, it only has half of a collar!

Rihanna shirt dress
photo: Splash
This is the ultimate in gangster leans — most pedestrians would never be able to get away with this.

If you're still unconvinced, take a look at the shirt in exhibit B. SHE'S WEARING IT BACKWARDS.

Can anyone dare to pull it off the way our girl RiRi can?

Not that we wouldn't be willing to take the risk to get that close to Drake.

This season's off the shoulder trend? RiRi just takes a button-down, and uses her magic powers to transform it.

Rihanna off the shoulder button down
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RIhanna off the shoulder
photo: Splash

And the look below — a button-down accessorized with piles of jewelry? We have no words.

Swagged OUT.

And what better way to end our case for the un-basic, than with this flawless styling of this Dolce & Gabanna shirt dress.

Any button down, even a high end one, can be rocked off the shoulder if you try hard enough (or if you're Rihanna).