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Get ready to stomp through the holidays: the iconic 2002 Timberland-inspired heeled bootie has gotten a makeover, courtesy of Rihanna.

That's right. Back when "American Idol" was our favorite show, and Nelly's "Hot in Herre" reigned the charts, there was a little bootie that everyone — including Jennifer Lopez — had to have. Rihanna has made sure that we #neverforget by including them in her new "Savage" capsule shoe collection for Manolo Blahnik.

You remember these shoes, right? High-heeled, pointy-toed realness?

Jenny from the block remembers. And so did Rihanna.

The original Manolo boots were Timberland-inspired, and just SCREAM 2002.

manolo timberlands
photo: Manolo Blahnik

RiRi's updated version, called "The Fallon" comes in white and brown suede with a furry trim.

The heel is a little thinner and taller than the 2002 version, to modernize and streamline the silhouette for 2016.

But it wouldn't be a designer shoe without the appropriate sticker shock.

You can order them from the Manolo Blahnik website and at select stores for a painful $1,345.

We should have seen this coming: Rihanna is a total #JLover, and loves a good pair of Timbs...

rihanna timberland boots
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But of course, "Jenny From the Block" would have really rocked the CLASSIC boots back in the day.

Jennifer Lopez Timberland boots
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Real Bronx girls know.