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We always knew Rihanna was Queen, but now she's made it official — CR Fashion Book cast Bad Gal RiRi as their cover star for a Marie Antoinette-themed issue.

As one of our reigning queens of slay, the world follows RiRi's every move — much as they did Marie Antoinette.

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In her youth, Marie Antoinette was *such* a trendsetter that she only had to wear a color once to spark a major craze for it.

So it made perfect sense for photographer Terry Richardson and founder/editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld to use Rihanna as a canvas to retell the misunderstood queen's story.

Though she's often thought of as thoughtless and cruel, the phrase most commonly attributed to her — "Let them eat cake" — was NEVER said by her. The quote's origins can be traced back to a book written by philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau well before Marie was Queen, who claims that it was another, unnamed princess who said it. But the facts didn't matter; the revolutionaries that hated her manipulated those words to fit their own agenda and ran with it. Sound familiar?

"I wanted to show that she is not just a villain to be despised or a muse to be channeled," Carine Roitfeld said of Antoinette.

"She is neither, actually. She is a prototype for contemporary fame, body, beauty, celebrity, and femininity. Everything done by her and to her has influenced society’s concept of womanhood, for better or worse," she wrote.

"The magazine is crafted around key elements of her [Marie Antoinette's] life—her exuberant sense of fashion, her elaborate hairdos, her intense sexuality—almost like a modern biography through fashion imagery," Roitfeld said.

Rihanna hits every point.

And Rihanna "shares with Marie Antoinette an air of royalty that I, and the world it seems, find intoxicating."

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We couldn't agree more.

The differences in public perception aside — fame, trend-setting style, and being real AF make both Rihanna and Marie Antoinette birds of a feather. And this editorial captures that perfectly.

Hello, panniers!

RiRi has taken Marie Antoinette's look and made it so 2016.

Marie's favorite colors — pale pink and pale blue — are throughout the spread, and we love this soft and elegant take on the tall, elaborate hairstyles of the time period.