Let's just say what we all know: Selena Quintanilla's fashion game was so strong. From her signature bustiers to her color-coordinated looks, we can only begin to imagine what her closet looked like. After all, she did have a boutique where she designed the clothing herself; Selena really could do it all.

Unfortunately her life ended far too soon to see her style fully evolve, but we are left with pictures that immortalize her as a fashion icon. And after looking at hundreds of photos of the singer (we're not exaggerating), we realized the one trend she couldn't get enough of: animal print. Whether it was on an accessory or a full head-to-toe ensemble, Selena knew how to incorporate stripes or spotted flair to her looks — and she wasn't afraid to be a repeat offender in them, either.

Here are 16 outfits where the Queen of Tejano proved that she loved animal print, and looked damn good in it, too.


She gave a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit a twist with a cowhide jacket.

And yes, the fringe on the jacket is everything!


Seriously, only Selena could make a matching cow print cropped jacket and pants look this good.


It was one of her go-to's; she even wore it with a skirt.


Thought the cow print was done? Psych!

We never knew we needed a vest like this... until now.


She also had a ~thing~ for zebra print.

Even her sister Suzette was feeling it.


Although there aren't too many photos of her in it, she knew that it was the perfect print to pair with her classic red lip.


But cheetah- and leopard-print clothes really stole Selena's heart.


Sometimes she kept it low-key...


...like on her collar...


Other times she kicked it up a notch with a little bit of sheer action.


Hello, just look at this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top!

She was also serving major glam vibes here, btw.


She even had her band, Los Dinos, looking fly as hell in it, too.


Let's just have a moment for this perfection.


The hat! The fanny pack! The shoes!

Yup, she absolutely SLAYED it.