We hope you're sitting down for this. Gothamist just put Spirit Halloween on blast for selling offensive border patrol agent costumes, and the store's nonchalant response will enrage you.

Donald Trump's dangerous election rhetoric that labeled Mexican people "criminals" and proposed building an absurd border wall has created a toxic environment where immigrants do not feel safe.

donald trump
photo: Splash

Now that he's president, this community is subjected to unfair harassment and lives in constant fear that their undocumented family members could be taken away at any moment. There is nothing funny about this very real situation we are living in.

You would think that businesses wouldn't touch such a controversial subject with a 10-foot pole, but that's not the case for Spirit Halloween. For $10, you can buy a border patrol hat from the shop to "keep the border safe today, tomorrow and on Halloween!"

Another $30 will get you the matching work shirt with an "Agent Wall" name tag that will "let everyone know you mean business."

To add insult to injury, Gothamist reports that the costume is being displayed right next to Trump face masks in two stores it visited. A trip to a location on Fifth Avenue in New York City confirmed it was still there.

border patrol costume
photo: Cindy Diaz, Vivala

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, there's a sexy version, so you can "straddle the border between being legally lovely and criminally hot." And get this — it's sold out!

We don't know how long the company has been stocking these tasteless items that have no place in this current political climate...

... but according to this statement it gave Gothamist, it has no plans to get rid of them.

"Spirit Halloween offers a full range of Halloween costumes that celebrate and appreciate all cultures, occupations and figures, both real and imaginary. With that, we playfully acknowledge topical themes - and building the wall is certainly a trending conversation in today’s political climate. We believe this costume carries similar sentiments akin to that of a police officer, military costumes, firefighter, doctor and more. As the president continues to drive the headlines and hashtags, we have costumes for everyone to join in on the fun, including: piggybacking on Mr. President, a host of masks that illustrate Trump’s many personas and a presidential BFF Putin mask. We’ve respectfully developed these costumes knowing that Halloween is a time for humor and fun, and due to the overwhelming popularity of these items last year, we think it’ll be a huge hit with our shoppers again!"

"We've respectfully developed these costumes?" Really, Spirit Halloween?

By including a prediction that it thinks the costume will be a huge hit again, it proves Spirit Halloween only cares about one thing — profits!

The company isn't the only place carrying border patrol outfits — other stores like Spencer's and an online shop called Sexy Lingerie are carrying them, too — but to go out of your way to show you don't care about who may be offended blows our mind.

We hope Spirit Halloween comes to its senses, and that other businesses carrying these costumes remove them from its shelves immediately — but we aren't holding our breath.