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We've all had awkward teenage style moments that we've worked very hard to forget. And blame Paris Hilton, but they don't get more cringe-inducing than those the Juicy Couture velour tracksuits that so many of us wore (or desperately wanted) in the early 2000s.

However, high fashion line Vetements decided to bring them back from the grave for their Spring 2017 Couture show in Paris.

That's right: Juicy Couture is ACTUAL couture now. God help us.

The collaboration came about in what we can only describe as a moment of pure desperation.

According to NY Mag's The Cut, Vetements' designer Demna Gvasalia felt that he could not manufacture a pair of jeans that felt "100% authentic" like Levi's, so he decided "work with manufacturers who specialize in each category."

“The idea was always to take the iconic, the most recognizable product from their brand, and put it into a Vetements frame, whether in terms of shape or construction,” Gvasalia said.

The designer reportedly worked with 18 different designers, including Hanes and Manolo Blahnik, for the show.

Vetements definitely got it right when they thought of Juicy Couture and their tracksuits.

“I love the comfort of it and the trashiness of it,” Gvasalia told The Cut.

“But then we wanted to do something elegant with it, so we made evening dresses.”

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And... gloves, apparently?

Vetements converted the 2002-approved velour tracksuit into a fitted top and high-waisted trouser combo.

And yes, they still kept the word "Juicy" written in crystals across the butt.

No amount of appearances in fashion weeks around the world will make us OK with this again.

Dear Vetements, please don't do this to us. LET THE SWEATSUIT DIE.

Maybe stick to weird red finger condoms, and let bygones be bygones.