Admit it: Sometimes gym workouts can be boring. There’s only so much you can enjoy about doing the same exact routine in the exact same place. But what do you do to get out of that boring-old-routine funk? You can always switch up your routine in the gym, but sometimes you just need to step out of the gym entirely and see more of the world around you. You’ve spent hours sweating it out to get fit and strong – why not put your strength and endurance to the test out in the world?

To inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of some destination-based workouts you might want to try this year – and why not bring some friends along to share the experience? With the luxurious new Buick Envision, you and your adventure-minded pals can come along on the journey for more fun fitness (and a fun drive to get there, too).


Go rock climbing

If you’ve been working on those biceps and triceps, now’s the time to try them out and show them off! Places like Kentucky’s Red River Gorge or Colorado’s Rifle Park can let you show off the daredevil in you. Not ready to climb up real mountains and crags? No problem! Drive to an activity center with a rock-climbing wall for year-round, indoor fitness for all skill levels.


Saddle up

You don’t have to be an equestrian to enjoy a horse ride. Unlike riding a bike, having a trusting bond between you and a horse is something magical, and just like any workout, requires discipline, endurance, and sometimes a little patience. Find a local ranch, stable, or resort that offers guided rides. No prior experience is needed, and it’s a great workout for your core and legs.


Take a (local) hike

There’s nothing like a relaxing drive to somewhere serene and taking in nature around you. Even if you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you may not have taken advantage of the trails and nature around you. The sounds of chirping birds and shoes crunching on grass helps melt away your worries, and walks out in the woods might even relieve stress and put you in a calmer mood.  Lace up your best walking shoes and drive out to a tall mountain, lush woods, or just take a low-key walk in a local park or garden.


Explore a National Park

From Yellowstone to Great Smoky Mountains, there are many breathtaking landscapes closer than you think. With 413 parks in the National Park Service alone, there’s no excuse to not find something nearby. Use the Find a Park search engine to find the closest parks near you, or find some in other states to put on your vacation bucket list. 


Explore caves and caverns

Venturing into these natural beauties will open up intriguing new worlds. A popular destination is Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. It boasts stalagmites and stalactites that are thousands of years old, a lake with a built-in optical illusion, and a rock formation that looks like a fried egg. There’s an hour’s worth of walking down there, so get your best walking shoes and be amazed by what Mother Earth can do. Luray Caverns is also in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, with plenty of majestic scenery to take in above ground, too.


Go dancing

Drive out to a local dance club with some of your best friends and prove cardio can be fun! Dancing doesn’t even feel like exercise when you move to the beat of your favorite songs. It requires lots of endurance and balance as well, but we’re sure you have that covered. If you’re a dancing newbie, check community event listings or dance schools in the area to try a new class - like salsa!


See and explore famous monuments

There are lots of gorgeous tributes to the most respected people that ever lived.  The National Mall in Washington, D.C. is a lengthy but gorgeous tour of monuments and memorials. The distance from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial is two miles alone, so pack plenty of water and sunscreen. If you want to travel out west, a classic destination is Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota, where you can see the massive mountain-side presidents overlooking the country.


Go mountain biking

Unlike biking down the street or on a stationary bike in the gym, trails and mountainsides provide breathtaking views while testing how long you can ride out in the wild before you run out of breath (or trail!). Search for well-maintained trails near you that are popular with local bicycle enthusiasts with sites such as TraiLink or download an app specifically designed to help you find public trails and great biking spots. Be ready to go anytime with a bike rack on your car.


Skiing or snowboarding

Like many of the activities mentioned, skiing and snowboarding both require a lot of balance and endurance, but navigating wintery slopes makes it totally worth it. If you’re not in an area that gets a lot of snow or has nearby slopes, don’t fret! Lots of resorts have manmade slopes with synthetic snow for good practice. But when you’re ready to drive out to the real deal, you can put your training to work


Surfing or boogie boarding

Both surfing and boogie boarding require great upper body strength to navigate the currents, so if you’ve been working to build strength in your arms, test it out on some calmer waves first before braving the big ones. Head out to the nearest beach and spend the day in the sun and sand. Just remember to check the weather forecast even when you arrive at your destination by listening to the radio or checking a weather app or site, because storms and rip tides are much stronger than you are.