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 A few years ago in San Francisco, I received a yoga mat for free at a race event I was running. I was excited about getting a free yoga mat (as I was in the market for a new one), until I noticed a sticker warning me about the harsh chemicals that could potentially cause cancer. The state of California required that notice, but I had never seen anything like that in Arizona! For something you’re going to be holding, lying, and standing on, I didn’t want to take the risk. That’s when I realized I needed to start paying more attention to what I was buying and using. 

Making a difference isn’t all that hard, it just requires you to be more conscious about the resources you already have and where you can eliminate your waste and hopefully improve your overall health as well. Harmful chemicals can be hiding in things you may not think about, like that water bottle, yoga mat, or even your deodorant. 

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