I have never run more than two miles consecutively anywhere in my life, let alone a marathon of any kind, so when a couple of my fellow Vivala coworkers and I decided to sign up for a half-marathon recently, adrenaline (or maybe it was sheer panic) rushed through me. Five minutes later, the impact of my decision hit me: I now had to whip my decidedly out-of-shape body into half-marathon-running shape. 

However, I am determined, and when I set a goal for myself, I will do everything in my power to achieve it. I am now beginning my 12-week training schedule to prepare for a feat I never dreamed of accomplishing before. Initially, I thought my training would be a lot of running all the time; however that is not the case. Each day is a bit different: One day I’m strength training, the next I'm running a few miles, and I alternate workouts throughout the week. This new goal is what I’m using to drive myself to get up and work out, whereas most days I’d rather hit the snooze button as late as possible and call walking to work my exercise for the day.

I won't lie, the first couple of days of training were rough. However, as each day passes, I find myself more excited to wake up and get the day’s training over with. I will be documenting the highs and lows of training for my first half-marathon every week on Vivala. Be sure to check in and find out what new set of stairs I tripped down, or even the first time I ran a full set of miles without stopping. You can also check in daily with me and my fellow runners on our hashtag #latinasruntheworld.