photo: Instagram/maitebueno; Instagram/anllelasagra; Instagram/massyarias; Instagram/saschafitness
It has been an amazing year for female athletes so far: There was the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team's World Cup victory earlier this month and Serena Williams' win at Wimbledon — and it’s only July. It’s no wonder that athletic wear giant Under Armour dedicated an ad campaign empowering female athleticism. 

Hours after Serena defeated rival Garbine Muguruza for her sixth title and fourth Grand Slam championship, author J.K. Rowling praised the tennis star via a tweet that got a negative response from a user that body-shamed the athlete's physique by calling it “built like a man.” Williams is undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes and is constantly criticized for her body, and this isn't the first time her toned figure have been compared to that of a man's. What’s ironic about the body-shaming comment is the fact that it was made in 2015, a year when women are embracing that "strong is the new skinny."

It’s no longer about looking super slim, but about being fit, strong, and healthy. Inspired by the fitness movement, we found four athletic Latinas that are confident with their strong bodies and are giving us serious workout motivation. Check them out and get excited to lift some weights at the gym.

Maite Bueno

Self-proclaimed fitness diva Maite Bueno is also the founder of BuenoConcept, a coaching program where she teaches clients healthy eating habits and how to practice working out regularly. The Brazilian bombshell grew up dancing ballet before transitioning into a bodybuilding career. She shares everything from her workouts to tips, and even meals on her Instagram.

Sascha Barboza

Fitness and nutrition coach, Sascha Barboza has created her own empire which includes everything from a workout video series and a recipe book, La Recetas De @Sascha Fitness. She’s just as into clean eating as she is into pumping iron.

Anllela Sagra

Colombian beauty Anllela Sagra has gained quite a following, thanks to to her hardcore routine, which consists of heavy duty lifting, squats, and intense arm workouts. Also, talk about #AbGoals.


Massy Arias a.k.a. Mankofit

Health coach Massy Arias is the first to admit that she built up her muscles with hard work, healthy eating, and constant training. Known as the queen of Instagram fitness, this Dominicana loves to work out her glutes and her legs with heavy weights.