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Figuring out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day is hard. Like really hard. You can’t just ask her what she wants because you usually get one of three responses: “I just want all of my kids together,” or “I don’t need anything,” or “Don’t you dare get me something!” It’s a risk all around. My siblings and I hold a full brainstorm via group text and always decide on something workout-related. This year, my mom finally broke down and gave us a few ideas. We may have just cracked the code! 

If you’re still looking for a few ideas with your sibs, we’ve got you covered.

1. Organic produce delivered. If there’s one thing Mom needs, it’s a little more time spent on what she wants and less worrying about grocery shopping, meal planning, and trying to find the perfect avocado. Subscription services like Farmbox Direct let you pick the perfect box for the whole family (or just for Mom) with organic fruits and vegetables. There are even boxes specific for green, red, and orange juicing so she can stop waiting in line at Whole Foods and use that juicer you bought her years ago. 

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2. Yoga class pass. For the yogi mom, find out what her favorite studio is and see if you can purchase a pass pack for the classes she likes the most. This way she can gain some much needed zen time and not have to worry about membership fees or cancellation dates. She also gets a great and relaxing workout out of it! Bonus points if you get one for yourself too and make it a mother-daughter date! 

3. Massage foam roller. For the mom who enjoys running, biking, and hiking, a deep-tissue foam roller is what she needs to help speed up recovery time between workouts. Pair this with a gift certificate to an actual deep-tissue massage and you’ve got yourself a winning combo! You may need to give her a quick tutorial on how it works, just in case. 

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4. Yurbuds. These sweat-proof headphones are one of my favorite products for anyone who loves to workout and listen to music. The headphones are designed to stay in your ears no matter how intense your workout, and made specifically for women so they’re a bit smaller than the men’s. And since they’re sweat-proof, you don’t have to worry about getting a shock to the ears when you start perspiring. Make Mom a playlist with some of her favorite songs (and a few of your own) so she can think about how thoughtful you are every time she listens to her music. 

5. Running hat. Help your mom protect her face against the harsh sun and wrinkles with a cute and sporty running hat. This gift is a great alternative to the slippers or chanclas she asked you for last year. Pair it with an anti-aging daily moisturizer of your choice and help her get ready for the summer months ahead!

6. Cize. My mom actually reached out to us kids and asked for this DVD for Mother’s Day this year. And after looking into it, it seems awesome! Let Mom dance away her worries (in the comfort of her own home) to the latest dance workout from Shaun T! For all the lovers of INSANITY, Beachbody, Focus T25, and more, this is a fun choreographed workout that'll make you forget that you’re doing a workout. Prepare for her to ask for a soundbar next year so she can blast the tunes with it. 

7. Cross-training shoes. For the fashionable mom, she’s probably got some serious shoe #goals when it comes to boots, heels, and sandals. But is she working out in the right shoes? If she’s doing cross-training exercises, is she in cross-training shoes? Many people make the mistake of wearing running shoes or walking shoes when performing cross-training exercises like boot camp, group classes, and even Zumba. It can be damaging and increase risk of injury because the right support isn’t there. Chances are Mom’s due for an upgrade with shoes that fit the workout she’s doing. Take your mom out for a day of shopping so she can select the pair that fits her perfectly. 

8. Fitbit blaze. It’s stylish like an Apple Watch, and offers everything mom could possibly need. If she already has the general Fitbit, this version is the next step up with a pedometer (like you’d expect), heart-rate monitor, on-screen workouts, GPS, and text and calendar alerts. There are even accessory bands that come with so she can transition from the office to the gym in no time. 

Feliz dia de la Madre! Comment below with what you got your mom for Mother’s Day this year! 

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