Women everywhere are relating to Nike's new ad campaign. The brand featured women of all sizes while educating them on the importance of finding a great-fitting sports bra. There's just one problem: the size inclusive campaign isn't actually all that size inclusive. 

All women can relate to the struggle of finding a supportive sports bra. What we CAN'T relate to are the same-y images of ultra-thin white women in sportswear ads — that's why it's so refreshing to see plus model Paloma Elsesser in these ads.

The best part about the feature is that, in her interview on Nike.com, there is no mention of her being plus-size. The profile is all about her style.

However, it would be nice if the bra Elsesser is wearing went above a 38DD, the largest size carried for the style. It's great that brands like Nike are using plus-size models in their campaigns, but the proof is in the size chart.

Here's a link to the Nike Pro Rival bra Elsesser wears. 

Nike's sports bras go up to a size 40E, which is pretty good, but not when compared to the size ranges of actual plus-size brands like Lane Bryant, which goes up to a 54" band and a F/G cup.

The new ads also feature Trill Yoga creator Claire Fountain.

Fountain was the perfect fit for the campaign; her mission is to show that yoga is "for every body and anybody."

The yoga instructor proudly flaunts her strong curves on social media.

DJs/Twin sisters Angel and Dren were also featured.

The workout junkies represented another walk of fitness life, the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

With this group of women, Nike is challenging the status quo and making the world of fitness a more comfortable place.

We just wish they'd go all the way in on size inclusivity rather than stand ankle deep.