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photo: Giphy

Recently, I’ve started getting really into the minimalist movement. The majority of my free time these past few weeks has been consumed with spring cleaning. I’ve been de-cluttering and evaluating whether or not an item brings me “joy” or should be placed in the donation, list, trash, or keep pile. 

Examining my workout wardrobe has been an entirely different story. Over the years, I have collected cotton shirts from countless sports, sweat-wicking tech-fiber capris, and Nike tempo shorts in every color (and favorite sports team). I have gym clothes packed into three out of my six drawers, under my bed in containers, and shoved over my closet on a shelf. My one-bedroom can’t compete with this kind of space issue. 

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I started wishing there was some kind of magic formula to help me organize through this mess as all of my clothes seemed to bring me joy. I couldn’t possibly part with the free race T-shirt from my first mud-run, 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or full marathon! So here are my new rules.