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Getting married is a big deal. You’ve found someone you want to share your life with and are pronouncing your love in front of friends and family. Of course you want to look your best on your big day. You’ve paid a pretty penny for a photographer and want to have fond memories of feeling and looking confident, in love, and happy. But crash dieting to lose weight to fit in a dress shouldn’t be part of the plan.

Dieting before the big day can be dangerous and it’s possible to take it too far. Follow these tips to look your best on your wedding day without putting your body at risk.

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Avoid Weight-Loss Products

The weight-loss industry is a gazillion dollar behemoth. Someone will always try to sell you the hottest new product on the market to help you get rid of that extra weight. Just take a look at Instagram! Don’t fall prey to these schemes. No tea, pill, cream, or waist trainer is going to result in lasting change. Avoid these products and save your money for the honeymoon. 

Make Simple Diet Changes

You’d be surprised at how easily the weight falls off when you actively eliminate added sugars and eat healthier. Avoid diet sodas, sugary juices, and energy drinks. Add more greens and avoid simple carbs like bread, tortillas, and pastas. Make conscious diet decisions, but don’t let it take over your life. Have a slice of birthday cake. Have a drink at your friend’s party. Enjoy food, but focus on moderation. 

Ramp Up Your Workouts Slowly

Jumping into a new or crazy workout routine can be incredibly hard on your body. Add on the wedding stress and a crash diet and you’ve got prime makings for a stress injury or fracture. Take things slow and increase your workouts to three-to-five days a week gradually. 

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Make Smart Goals

Losing 20 pounds in a year is a reasonable goal. It’s measurable, it’s gradual, it’s healthy even. Making a goal to lose 20 pounds three weeks before your wedding is outrageous and dangerous. There is no quick fix for weight loss but diet and exercise. Don’t alter your body just to fit in a dress. Your partner loves you the way you are and your body is already perfect. 

Keep Stress at Bay

Many people lose additional weight a week or two before the wedding because they are so stressed out — enough weight to where they need to re-alter their dress, which only causes more stress and frustration. Practice deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and accept help from your partner, friends, and family. You are not alone. 

Now that the real work is done, enjoy your wedding day!

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