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Avocados deserve to be their own food group. They're delicious and go well with anything. But lately avocados and I have not been having a mutual understanding. I've wasted countless aguacates waiting for them to ripen and only to miss their golden moment and find that they'd spoiled. Enough is enough! So when I did some research and learned the ripening process of avocados can be expedited by pickling them, I realized there's a whole world of avocados I have no real understanding of: The hack world. No avocado left behind! So here are six avocado hacks you need in your life. 

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Hurry up and ripen!

So frustrating when there is not one single ripe avocado at the supermarket. This hack shows you how to enjoy your fruit within 10 minutes. The verdict is still out on this one. Some say it works and others are not in agreement


An avocado and an apple walk into a paper bag

If you need to make some bomb guacamole tomorrow, this hack suggests you leave an avocado in a brown paper bag alongside an apple over night. The result: A deliciously ripe avocado.


A clean cut

Who knew there was a wrong way to cut an avocado. Apparently there is. Let's collectively fix our lives now. 

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When it's right, you feel it

Obviously a super firm avocado is not ripe, but what about those in-betweens that have leave us guessing? Guess no more! Apparently all you need is your hand to figure out which avo is ready to be enjoyed.


Cut, peel, repeat

This approach to peeling an avocado will make everyone's life a lot easier. 


Preserve baby, preserve

Since most days I try to restrict myself from eating the entire avocado, I've often dealt with finding a brown avocado in my fridge by the time I go back for it. These genius hacks show how to avoid discoloration. Spoiler alert: Lime juice is the real champ here.