Remember walking into your primito's birthday party and seeing that giant tray of alfajores on the dessert table? That's how you knew the party would be lit. Alfajores, small round pastries usually made with flour, sugar, honey, and almonds, have been enjoyed all over the world for centuries after having become popularized in Spain, the Middle East and South America. Although most countries now have their own variations of the dessert (Ecuadorians love making them extra crispy while Argentineans love coating them with chopped nuts) we can all agree that they remain one of our favorite treats thanks to their rich history. We've rounded up 10 Alfajores that look just too good to eat, not that we'd have a problem with that. 

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Strawberries and cream

Alfajores are usually sweet all on their own (thanks to their decadent dough and sweet caramel filling) but adding a little extra something never hurt anyone. 


Colorful bites

Since these babies are bite-sized, that means you can eat twice as many, amirite?


Basic white

If you're going to sin... Let it be with our dulce de leche #alfajores ????????

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These alfajores may look basic, but they can knock you off your feet with their sweet dulce de leche filling. 


Party favorite

No busques el éxito, busca la felicidad.????❤️ Alfajores de colores para las tardes de sábado. ????????????

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We'll take ours with extra powdered sugar, por favor. These perfectly round goodies go great with hot black coffee or orange juice. 


Oopsy daisy

You're going to want to munch on these sweet alfajores (embellished with cute edible daisies!) all day long. 


Coconut dream

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Picking out a dessert has never been easier, mainly because these cookies taste amazing with any topping. One of our top faves? This perfect set sprinkled with sweet coconut flakes.



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A touch of food coloring, powdered sugar, and chopped nuts are all you need to transform an average alfajor into a fun treat perfect for any birthday party, quince or baby shower. 


Simple bite

Garnished with a single raspberry, alfajores continue to prove that their texture and taste take center stage.


Fit for a queen

Because you wouldn't expect anything else, would you? These crown shaped alfajores have been hand-crafted especially for us.