There’s a breakfast debate of epic proportion going on in Texas right now: Austin and San Antonio are at odds, fighting over who invented breakfast tacos. According to OC Weekly, the feud broke out after an article on Eater, titled “How Austin Became the Home of the Crucial Breakfast Taco," snubbed the people of San Antonio of what they thought was a title that belonged to them. 

“The backlash to the piece was vicious, with most of the ire coming from San Antonio,” reported OC Weekly. In fact, people were so upset a petition went up asking Austin to revoke the article and banish the Eater author for “taco negligence.”

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Well, lucky for the entire state of Texas, we’re here to settle the score. We hate to break it to you, San Antonio and Austin, but neither one of you invented the beloved breakfast taco. The only one who can really take credit for this delicious morning staple is: Your mom! That’s right, women in Mexico were the ones that first started making tacos, including breakfast ones, and they’ve been feeding them to their families for eons.

Case closed — and you’re welcome.