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photo: Instagram

If there's one thing we need in our lives, it's ways to make brunch even more awesome than it already is. So we were thrilled when we saw this champagne ice cube hack. All you need is champagne or a bottle of prosecco. Pour the bubbly in an ice tray and leave in the freezer overnight (or at least six hours). When you're ready to serve your mimosas, pour some OJ (or the juice of your choice) into a glass, pop in an ice cube, and enjoy pure deliciousness. Plus, you don't have to worry about your champagne going flat if you don't drink the whole thing. Pretty brilliant, right? 

This hack got us wondering what other food or beverage items we could freeze that would absolutely elevate our culinary game. Here are eight ice cube hacks you're going to want to add to your repertoire ASAP.

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