You know it's 2017 when there's a Cheetos pop-up restaurant in New York City. 

The Spotted Cheetah is located in Tribeca — and has a waitlist of over a thousand people. What can we say? Foodies are serious about their #eeeats, especially if it's a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

But luckily, Cheetos gave the public access to its free online cookbook to recreate every single meal that's on the menu.

cheetos pop-up restaurant in nyc


photo: Instagram/cheetos

Celebrity chef Anne Burrell was the star of the three-day eatery event (August 15-17), serving up some of the seriously cheesy dishes that she created. "It’s like a cult almost. But Cheetos just make people smile," Burrell said

And because we like to torture ourselves, we rounded up 10 photos of the Cheetos creations some people were lucky enough to eat.

It's all... just... so... beautiful.


The Flamin’ Hot Limón chicken tacos are really speaking to us.

Here's a close up.


Cheetos and meatballs might not sound like the best combo but if eating this is wrong, we don't want to be right.

Dangerously cheesy meatballs #thespottedcheetah

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The menu describes it as "Classic Italian meets 'Dangerously Cheesy.'" 


Flamin’ Hot and white cheddar mac n’ Cheetos is what stoner dreams are made of.

But then again, you don't have to be high to eat this gloriousness. 


We spy with our little eye the "purrfectly" fried green tomatoes.



We can get behind the Cheetos mix-ups crusted chicken milanese.

It ticks off all our PMS cravings.


Spicy Cheetos nachos look like everything we'd want after a night of drinking.


You know the Cheetos grilled cheese and tomato soup is a match made in snack food heaven.


How did we never think about putting popcorn and Cheetos together?!

Cheetos everything!

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Oh yeah, the pop-up knew how to cater to sweet tooth cravings, too.

What your eyes are seeing is a Cheetos Sweetos crusted cheesecake, Cheetos Sweetos sweet and salty cookies, and white cheddar Cheetos and Cheetos Sweetos apple crepes.


And one more crystal clear photo of the food we'll probably never get to try.