It's been nearly four weeks since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, devastating the island and leaving most of the population without food, water, and means of communication. 

We've already seen countless celebrities come together to raise money for relief, but one Spanish-American chef has worked tirelessly to bring food to 1 million hungry mouths in the country.

Since late September, Chef José Andrés has been working with his organization, World Central Kitchen, to bring food to thousands.

The chef began a #ChefsForPuertoRico initiative to encourage his peers to help serve any kind of food (and as much as possible) to the people on the island.

It all started with one kitchen and a mission – but quickly expanded to much more.

Andrés took his initiative to new heights when he enlisted food trucks to serve food. The endless work allowed the chef to go from feeding hundreds per day to 20,000 in just one week.

On Tuesday, the chef announced that he and his team hit a milestone by officially serving their 1-millionth meal in Puerto Rico.

Andrés' efforts have already surpassed those of the American Red Cross.

The nonprofit organization has reportedly served more than 540,000 meals and snacks (and an additional 534,000 relief supplies) since the tragedy hit Puerto Rico. 

By the looks of it, the chef's team has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

André's Instagram feed is a frenzy of photos and videos of the island's devastation, demonstrating how they're trying to feed every mouth possible. 

“When we establish contact with a community, we maintain that contact,” Andrés explained during a hard-to-hear phone interview from San Juan. “When we go to a place, we take care of that place until we feel it has the right conditions to sustain itself. That’s what a relief organization should be.”

"My question is, if we don’t do it, who’s going to do it?"

The 48-year-old celebrity chef has been home three or four days since starting this process, once only due to dehydration. “The reality here is very hard to escape," he said. "Fresh food is hard to come by . . . Sometimes the only fresh food people are eating is fruit we are bringing. The only hot meal they are eating is the lukewarm meal we are bringing.”

“We are survivors," he boldly stated.

“We never wanted to be here for so long . . . But circumstances invited us to be part of it.”

We'll be watching Andrés' continued, inspiring efforts. To help, donate to World Central Kitchen.