Whenever you're on Instagram, chances are that you're scrolling past dozens of images of people on their month-long island vacations (seriously, how do y'all travel so frequently?) or the classic aerial #foodie pic. But some people's IG feeds are beautiful boards that pay homage to their culture in a very personal way.

Meet Esteban Castillo: A queer Chicano food blogger behind the IG profile @Chicanoeats.

Castillo created a visually stunning library of traditional Mexican food recipes with a twist.

Take a second to feast your eyes on this mole brownie tart!

It makes you look at Mexican food like you've never seen it before.

"I decided to start Chicano Eats because I’m proud of my roots, and I’d like to invite you to experience un pedacito de mi cultura and traditions through food," he shared on his website.

Although you can recreate all of his food and drinks through the recipes on his site, there's something to be said about his aesthetically pleasing 'grams.

"For me it's fun to place Mexican food in a setting where you wouldn't normally see it."

In a recent interview with Mitú, the food blogger talked about sharing his reimagined Mexican food recipes through his own lens. From colors to textures, he presents his creations the way he wants to.

Castillo has also called out the food blogging community for throwing lime juice or avocado on dishes and calling it "Mexican" — something we have all witnessed with the rise of #foodstagrams. 

He also explained that he sees his blog work as a form of activism by allowing himself and his work to be seen.

"I didn't want to be too forward, and too brown, and too queer," he said. Thankfully he has remained authentic in his journey and is gaining a following because of it.

The way he documents his meals is both genuine and eye-catching.

From the colors to the composition, it really sends a message that these cultural dishes should be respected. 

It also gives Chicanxs something to get nostalgic and excited about in a way they've never been able to before.

Chances are that your mami might have made you pozole, but it was probably never documented in such a glamorous way.

His work is straight up art and it's safe to say that we've found a new IG and website to follow.

If you'd like to follow Castillo, you can do so on his Instagram here and his website here.