It’s that special time of the month again — and I’m not talking about payday; I’m taking about periods.

And while we often dull our severe cramps with painkillers, it just isn’t enough sometimes.

But what if I told you there was a way to combine two amazing things – chocolate and pain relievers – into one mouthwatering product that will make menstruation a lot more comfortable?

Well, that is exactly what one chocolate company in Switzerland is trying to do. Ladies, feast your eyes on this magical chocolate bar, ready to save us from those villainous period cramps.

Behold the "Frauenmond" bar – aka "women's moon." This cramp-fixing chocolate bar was created by Marc Widmer, a chocolatier from a Swiss-based company called Chocolate With Love.

God bless this man!

So what exactly makes this this bar magical, you ask? Well, according to The Independent, it contains 17 different medicinal herbs that are known to make your PMS suck less.

It's like aromatherapy, but in a rich, chocolatey form. Now that's something our mamás would approve of!

Combined with the cocoa, this chocolate bar puts a vanishing spell on those savage cramps. It also claims to improve circulation and boost serotonin levels.

YES! YES! YES! Give me twenty!

Sounds amazing, right? Well, Widmer also claims his pain-relieving goodness is "reassuring, harmonizing, and at the same time very delicious."

And although it is targeted to soothe our lady parts, bad hombres can also indulge in this chocolatey delicacy. Although, I'm not sure what rampaging pain they need soothing. 

The good news? You can relieve your aching midsection for only $12.80! The bad news? This period-soothing chocolate is not available in the US yet.

*dies a little inside*

But don't worry, the chocolate bar is currently in its crowdfunding stage. So let’s hope that people feel as passionately about this as we do!

Until then, I guess we have to stick to our usual remedies – a good ol' glass of wine and Ibuprofen!