For this week’s #LaCena, we recommend an authentic Ecuadoran meal including a crunchy appetizer; a coconut-based seafood plate; a creamy, fruit-flavored dessert; and a cinnamon cocktail. Grab your ingredients, girlfriends, and get ready to cook!

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Appetizer: Cancha

This is the perfect snack to nibble on when you’re having drinks and also serves as a great appetizer for an authentic Ecuadoran meal. Cancha is made with dried corn kernels and toasted with oil on a hot skillet.


Entree: Encocado de Pescado

Because of its location on the coast, Ecuadoran meals are filled with seafood. You can prepare this meal with a citrus seasoned Halibut, then sauté it in a creamy vegetable and coconut milk sauce.


Dessert: Espumillas

This popular Ecuadoran street food can be made in a variety of fruit flavors, like guava or guayaba. The meringue cream is traditionally served in an ice cream cone and topped with sprinkles.


Drink: Canelazo

Skip the wine at dinner and opt for this citrus cocktail with a cinnamon kick. Ecuadorans drink this boozy brew when temperatures drop at night. Boil all of the ingredients in a saucepan, serve warm in a shot glass, and drink up.