Danny Trejo is ready to make Krispy Kreme and any other Los Angeles-based donut business shake in their glazed-covered boots with his new food venture: Trejo's Coffee & Donuts.

Danny Trejo's coffee and donut shop in Los Angeles

The man. The legend. The donut king himself.

photo: Instagram/digimarks

You might know the "Machete" star as an actor, but this Latino has been making a name for himself as a restauranteur with his taco empire (Trejo's Tacos), Trejo's Cantina, and his taco truck. Now, he's taken things to the sweeter side and it's proving to be just as successful. 

Danny Trejo's Coffee and Donuts

Giving the Paul Smith pink wall a run for its money when it comes to the new IG hot spot for photos.

photo: Instagram/hotkamote

Trejo's Coffee & Donuts made its debut on Wednesday, May 17, and it immediately SOLD OUT. The 73-year-old took to his Instagram to post a celebratory photo with a caption that read, "Opening day sells out." It seems to be a trend because for the third day in a row people have waited in a long line and his donuts have sold out before 10 am.

People really, really love donuts... and Trejo.

The hype is real and makes sense, as the donuts come with flavors like tequila-lime, abuelita hot chocolate, and nachos — yes, nachos. The cheapest donut starts at $1.75 and goes up to $4, and churros are $5. His coffee ranges from $2.75 - $5 and his non-coffee drinks like horchata and agua fresca start anywhere from $3 - $9.

Here's everything we've found on the mouth-watering menu so far:

Margarita donuts

It's a raised donut with tequila, lime, and salt. Gives happy hour a whole new meaning when it starts at 7 am.

Banana cake donuts (vegan)

Even vegans get to indulge in this  banana-and-almond-milk perfection.

Piña fritter

If pineapple and cinnamon are wrong, we don't want to be right.

Peanut butter donuts

The peanut butter donut is topped off with chocolate crumbles and salt, and we're hoping it's as magical as it sounds.

The O.G.

The menu describes it as a "raised donut with basic glaze" and it's proof that you can never go wrong with a classic.

Azul cake donuts

Blueberry buttermilk cake + blueberry + cream glaze + lemon = what summer diet?!

Three amigos donuts


Maple pig donuts

You get the perfect balance of sweet and savory with this maple syrup, vanilla brown sugar, and crispy bacon concoction. 

Nacho donuts

This is what the future is all about, y'all!

Piñata cake donuts

You see that glorious sprinkle-topped donut in the middle? It's a buttermilk cake with cream glaze and it's the stuff dreams are made of.

Low rider donuts

The name alone has us sold on this cinnamon and sugar bad boy.

Chocolate crumb donuts

This one isn't on his website's official menu, but we did spot this dark chocolate number on the shop's official Facebook account. 

Chocolate fiends, start your engines!

Cinnamon crumb donuts

There's also a cinnamon version that looks delectable. Shove this down our throats, stat.

Gringo donuts

Yes, the name on this one has us cackling. Nothing fancy, just a fluffy donut with some powdered sugar on top.

Donut holes

If your friends don't like donut holes, you can't trust them.


After searching through the Instagram #trejosdonuts hashtag, the shop's geo-location on IG, its Facebook page, and the company's personal website, we realized that we haven't seen pics of some other goodies that were noted on the website; we did  look at the official IG and Twitter but it's crickets on there...for now.

Personally we're waiting for photos of the dulce de leche, horchata, el diablo cake, and for Machete to make an appearance sometime soon. 


The shop is located at 6785 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood on the corner of Highland Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard.

It looks like us non-Californians are going to have to book a trip to the sunny west really soon to try them out for ourselves!