Long before Danny Trejo had the food game shook in California with Trejo's Coffee & Donuts, he was conquering hearts with a budding taco empire consisting of multiple Trejo's Tacos and Trejo's Cantinas. The beloved Mexican-American actor of "Machete" fame has restaurants that are serving up sexy-looking plates — the Instagram photos will make even the most seasoned foodie drool.

Owning a restaurant was one of Trejo's mother's dreams, and now it's a reality for the star, who has plans to go nationwide.

"I would love to see two Trejo’s Tacos in Las Vegas, two in San Antonio, Texas and two in New York," Trejo told Forbes this spring, and by the looks of the food, he needs to make it happen, stat!

From fried chicken burritos...

... to colorful cauliflower bowls...

... to decadent steak quesadillas...

... to irresistible tacos as far as the eye can see...

... Trejo's Tacos has everyone covered.

Spicy salsas? Check!

Frozen margaritas and guacamole that doesn't play any games? Double check!

All we need in this life of sin is one of these bowls of street corn.

Trejo even made sure to have delicious vegan options available so no one feels left out. Quinoa has never looked more bomb than on this torta.

"When you’re in the industry, the entertainment industry, inevitably someone’s going to say: I’m vegetarian, I’m vegan," he told the Los Angeles Times. This man knows his market!

Come through, falafel!

Trejo even has our back for the most important meal of the day.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful breakfast burrito?

"Machete Style Cheese Fries" that are "smothered in our avocado crema, steak asada, fried chicken, topped with a chile relleno and chipotle" sounds and looks like heaven.


And because he truly thought of everything, Trejo is serving his own coffee and even offered a drink called Cochata — a cold brew and horchata mix.

Trejo even has a taco truck so that his food can go literally anywhere.

We hope Trejo's plans to open up shops across the country comes true. It's only right that the whole country gets blessed with the Mexican food we deserve.