Elote (corn on the cob) is one of the most mouth-watering Mexican street foods. You've had it, your friends can't stop talking about it, and your friends' moms' friends can't get enough of it. This is the type of food that has the power to bring people together — it's that good.

It's simple, but jam-packed with flavor. We're convinced eloteros put something magical in that mayonnaise. It's great to sit and enjoy, but is perfect on-the-go, too. Do you see where we're going with this? 

Elotes are sacred. The same can be said about pizza. So naturally people are torn about the idea of an elote pizza.

That's right, an elote pizza does actually exist.

INSIDER food posted a video about the fusion dish. It can be found at Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York.

One of the co-founders of the restaurant said he was inspired after eating one of his favorite street foods and decided to replicate it.

"I transformed that into a slice where you can get the perfect bite every time," Henrik Toncic explained.

But people aren't fully sold on it.

There are those who think this is a a disgrace to a classic pizza...

... and there are those who believe this is completely disrespectful to the glorious elote.

It looks like some things might just be better on their own.

However, some people are LIVING for this combo.

They have even attested to it being amazing.

It even looks like people are already planning their trip to NY just to give this place a try.

All in all, though, it seems like the verdict is still out.

You can watch the video below and be the judge.

What do you think about the elote pizza? Let us know in the comments below!