It's no secret that Latinos love their arroz!

Growing up in a Colombian household, we ate rice with everything – including pasta.

So, what happens when your favorite restaurant doesn't sell your beloved grain? You just take matters into your own hands and sneak in an entire rice cooker.

Meet Joveboy Borromeo.

After being disappointed with the lack of rice on the McDonald's menu in the Philippines, Borromeo decided to sneak in a rice cooker into the fast-food establishment, because hey, why not?

That’s right, this Filipino guy snuck in an ENTIRE rice cooker!!

photo: Giphy

In the video, posted to Facebook on January 16, Borromeo shamelessly whipped out the kitchen appliance from his backpack at his local McDonald's.

I mean, if you want to be discreet, you might want to stick to Tupperware.

Borromeo, who was so invested in the plan, even brought a spatula to share the arroz with his friends.

Total #friendgoals!

But that's not all: After triumphantly serving the rice, Borromeo needed a bit of 'sazón,' so he sprinkled some Maggi seasoning sauce onto his arroz.

It might not be adobo, but we're sure tiene que ser bueno.

The video, posted on Filipino Vine, quickly went viral with more than 4 millions views and 84,000 likes.

And we got to give it to him, he's a genius.

Watch the entire video below:

Cover image: Flickr/bizmac