If you're looking to host the most millennial Thanksgiving gathering ever, this turkey is for you.

Reynolds Kitchens brand took it upon themselves to create a series of "Flavor Blasted Turkeys" – one of which was this spicy, orange-powdered option.

The recipe is called "Hot Turkey in an Oven Bag", as it uses their own product to cook the turkey in a simple way.

The recipe doesn't EXACTLY call for Flamin' Hot Cheetos, but it's obvious that's what the brand means by "hot puffed cheese sticks."

This certainly isn't the first time people have taken their love for Cheetos over the top.

flamin' hot cheetos
photo: YouTube/NBC

Earlier this year, there was a pop-up restaurant in New York, where Flamin' Hot Cheetos-flavored everything was served.

Just imagine abuelita's reaction if you took that turkey out of the oven.

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There is one important thing you must know if you're going to attempt this turkey...

photo: Giphy

It's this life hack that will keep you living orange-finger free for the rest of time. #GENIUS