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turkey burgers
photo: Alcides Aguasvivas

Around this time of year, to be more specific, during football season, my husband’s friends come by more often than usual. And although, my husband doesn’t really watch sports, he definitely gets into it if it means hanging out with the guys and eating all day. So what’s a #stylishhostess to do other than find another reason (or excuse!) to do some entertaining. I know, stating the obvious!

Last weekend, just like every other, the guys swung by mid-afternoon for some football fun. Except this time to their surprise they were walking into a party and not just any party but one that would have them eating without any of the guilt!

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Because let’s be honest, burgers, wings, chips, fries, and beer all sound great until you wake up the next day feeling bloated and hungover. But I didn’t give up the staple game foods. I just gave them a healthier twist, and I promise the boys were not the least disappointed!

Here’s what was on the menu + the delicious recipes!