Vino for Dummies: What to Know to Drink Wine Like a Pro

White Wines

photo: Alcides Aguasvivas

Riesling: My fave! It’s a white wine with hints of peach, honey, and apricot flavors. It is famously known for its sweetness and can be a great alternative to White Zinfandel. This wine usually hails from Germany, although Washington State has also been known to produce it.

Simple Pairings: Sushi! Don’t care for it? Then go for gruyère cheese and crackers.

Pictured Above: PJ Valckenberg Riesling, $12- $15;

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Chardonnay: Arguably the most popular white wine, Chardonnay has notes of pears, apples, and citrus fruit in its most crisp form. When extensively aged in oak, this wine becomes more vanilla and spiced based. Usually found to range from medium dry to completely dry, Chardonnay is definitely a great beginners wine.     

Simple Pairings: Crab cakes. When aged in oak, try cream sauces! Think nutmeg.

Featured Wine: Josh Cellars Chardonnay, $10- $13;

Rosé: This wine incorporates the colors of the grape skin, usually making it a pinkish hue in color, but not enough to qualify as a red wine. However, based on wine-making techniques, the color can actually get as dark as purple. Rosé is made from of a variety of grapes and can come in still, semi-sparkling, or sparkling form. Most deem it a summer wine and its crisp, clean flavor is perfection! However, “most” doesn’t mean “all,” so be sure to drink whenever your palate desires. Cause why not?!

Simple Pairings: Melon and Prosciutto. Hummus. Either will do!

Featured Wine: Costieres de Nimes Rosé, $11- $14;

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